Records Management

Access to Central Personnel Files Personnel files may be examined in the offices of the Department of Human Resources during normal work hours (8:15am-4:30pm). A record will be maintained of all individuals and agencies requesting information from personnel files.

Appointment Requests Current employees who wish to examine his/her official personnel file may do so by notifying Records Unit of the Department of Human Resources at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance. Requests may be made by telephoning (304) 293-5700, or by filing a written appointment request. A photo ID is required in order to access one’s file. Photocopies of specific documents may also be made.

An employee may allow another individual to examine his/her central personnel file if both parties sign a statement in the presence of a Records Unit employee granting such a review. If the employee is physically unable to view the file in the Human Resources office, authorization for another individual to review the file may be granted by means of a notarized letter.

An HR staff member will be present at the time of file review.