Talent Strategy

  • Lead Trade Specialist, Facilities

    Lead Trade Specialist, Facilities

  • Postal Worker, Mail Services

    Postal Worker, Mail Services

  • Audit Technician, Payroll Processing

    Audit Technician, Payroll Processing

  • Communications Engineer Manager, Video Productions

    Communications Engineer Manager, Video Productions

Welcome to Talent Strategy!

Thank you for visiting the official site for career opportunities at West Virginia University! We are pleased that you are interested in learning more about the exciting and extensive careers available at WVU. Join the 7,000+ employees who have made WVU their workplace of choice.

Our Talent Strategy team is committed to recruiting and hiring a diverse and talented workforce. In order to do that, we have developed a team comprised of an Equal Opportunity officer, talent acquisition specialists, Dual Career coordinators, dedicated technical support staff, and records management staff. From assisting hiring managers with creating job descriptions to interviewing and employing high performers, we offer recruitment support for all of your hiring needs.